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Last Updated: January 8, 2024

Are you seeking for a Microsoft Power Automate job role but worried about the interview questions? EmergenTeck provides a comprehensive Q&A guide covering all aspects of potential interview questions. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of asked Microsoft Power Automate interview questions & Answers for freshers and experienced professionals, along with clear and concise answers to will assist you in clearing your interview with ease.

What’s included in the interview Q&A?

  • Power Automate Desktop Interview Q&A
  • MS Power Automate Questions for Freshers
  • Power Automate Interview Questions for Experienced Professionals: 
  • Questions on Desktop Automation
  • Web Automation & Email Automation
  • Database Automation & Data Scraping
  • API Automation, Exception & Error Handling
  • Microsoft AI Builder Interview Questions
  • Power Automate Framework
  • Power Automate Tutorials
  • Ask Your Questions? (If you can’t find the answers to your questions, feel free to ask in the “Ask Your Question?” section, and we will provide you with a response.)

1. What is Microsoft Power Automate?

2. What kind of automation we can achieve with Power Automate Desktop?

Power automates desktop is RPA tool to automate the desktop, web, PDF, Excel, Mainframe applications and Database, API.

3. Where the Power Automate cloud and desktop llow are stored?

Power automate cloud flows is getting stored in Microsoft dataverse database and desktop flows are getting stored in the one drive account which we are using to access the cloud and desktop flows.

4. What programming language Power Automate Desktop supports?

Power automate desktop supports VBScript, JavaScript, PowerShell and Python.

5. What are the PDF operations can be performed using Power Automate Desktop?

  • Extract Text From PDF
  • Extract Tables From PDF
  • Extract Images From PDF
  • Extract PDF files pages to new PDF
  • Merge PDF files.

6. How to connect Database with Power Automate Desktop?

To connect database within Power Automate desktop, we have to use Open SQL connection action. In the Open SQL Connection action, we have to provide the connection string or we can select the database provider and provide all necessary details such as Server Name, User Name, Password and Database Name.

7. What are the different types of Actions are present in Power Automate Desktop?

By using Power Automate desktop we can do variety of operations like Read, Write, Delete, Execute Macro, Excel Formatting etc.

8. What are the different Email Actions are present in Power Automate Desktop?

  • Retrieve email messages from outlook
  • Send email messages through outlook
  • Process email messages in outlook
  • Save outlook email messages

9. Explain about one of the recently added action to PA desktop

Actions are frequently added to Power automate. One of the recently added action is For OneDrive. It will allow you to perform various activities such as getting size of a Folder, listing the files, create folders, upload files etc.

10. As work queues have been now added to PA, discuss the steps to using Work queues

First the work queue has to be defined in PA cloud portal.

Once the work queue has been created, you can go to any flow and use Actions under work queue category for multiple purposes such as adding data to queue, processing items updating the items etc

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11. How many actions are present under Work queue category in Power automate?

Below are the actions present for work queues currently

Process work queue items

Update work queue items

Add Work queue items

Requeue items with delay

12. What are the input parameters for Process Work Queue action?

Ans- Input parameters – Work queue

13. In Power automate desktop what are the input parameters of Update Work Queue Item action?

The input parameters are Work queue item, Status, Processing Result

14. In Power automate desktop how would you implement the logic to add data to work queue?

You can use Add Work queue item action

Following fields would have to be defined

Work queue, Priority, Name, Input, Expires, Processing notes.

15. What’s the use of the action Requeu item with delay?

This action under Work queue can be used for re adding any work queue item in it’s original queue.

16. Where can you see all the details of the work queue items in a work queue?

You can go to Power automate cloud portal > Go to Work queues and click on the name. On the next screen you can see all the items in that wrk queue alone with other details like Status, Priority, data etc

17. In Power automate desktop what are some actions available for performing operations on a work station?

Below are some actions available

Print Document

Get default printer

Set Default printer

Show desktop  

Lock workstation

Log off user

18. What are some of premium features available under Premium license for PA?

Below are some of the premium features available

Automatic triggering of schedules

Triggering the flow via Desktop shortcut

Triggering the flow via URL

Access to the premium and custom connectors

Process mining

19. Can you share a list of new category of actions added to PA Desktop?

Logging, Onedrive for business, Rss, Excel Online, Onedrive, Work queues etc

20. Assume in your organization you don’t want the users to use some restricted actions. How can you enforce that?

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You create a DLP policy so as to prevent data loss outside the organization.

21. If a desktop flow is suspended due to a violated DLP, Will the user be able to run it in a cloud flow?

The suspended desktop flow won’t be available to select in the drop down

22. What are the two categories under which you can classify Desktop flow modules and individual module actions?

Yeah, can classify them as Business, non business or blocked

23. Name all Power Automate pane

Power Automate Desktop has below panes

Workspace, Actions, Variable, UI elements, Images, Errors

24. What’s the difference between run sub flow action and Run Desktop flow action?

Run Sub flow action- This action is used to invoke any sub flow which is present inside the whole flow. You can use this action anywhere to call a subflow  wherever required as per the process logic.

Run Desktop Flow action- This action can be used to invoke any other desktop flow which is either created by you or shared by you.

25. What’s the name of error handling action in Power Automate

Ans- You can use action called On block error to club multiple steps together and implement error handling

26. Where is Region used in PA?

Region is an action used to group actions in a logical manner. It won’t have any impact on the execution of a flow. For ex- If a process contains multiple stages, you can group steps for each stage in different region

27. Where can you use Input/Output variable?

Let’s say you want to run another desktop flow inside a flow, you can Input /Output variable to exchange values accordingly

28. How can you perform Command Line operations in PA Desktop?

In PA you have CMD sessions actins available using which you can perform multiple tasks. For ex- Open CMD session, Read from CMD session, Write to CMD session etc

29. How to keep data in encrypted format in Power Automate Desktop?

User can use, Mark As Sensitive property while storing the data into variable.

30. What is the Ui Elements?

To automate specific user actions in the user interface,UI elements are used. User interface (UI) elements are the parts used to build apps or websites. They add interactivity to a user interface, providing touchpoints for the user as they navigate their way around; think buttons, scrollbars, menu items and checkboxes. Free Demo | How to get started with Power Automate?

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31. If you want to get the number of items in a list in a display box , how would you calculate it ?

Use the expression %List.Count% where List is the name of the list variable in the flow.

32. Instead of using add to list action, what is an alternate way to add items to a list?

Use Set variable action with syntax – %[‘FirstItem,’Second Item’,’ThirdItem’]% 

33. What’s the use of Region In PA?

Region is used to combine multiple actions/Steps together without affecting the flow of of the automation.

34. In Power Automate Desktop , if 2 variables are concatenated instead of numerical additional, what step do you need to include?

Use Convert Text to number action for converting values.

35. As almost every action in Power Automate creates a variable , what’s the way to not create any unnecessary variables ?

To not create a variable which is not required Open the action and turn off the option for the variable.

36 In how many ways can Error Handling be implemented in PA Desktop?

You can implement in 2 ways – On a block level which contain many actions , and on an individual action level.

37. How to ensure that long desktop flow would run successfully without Timeout error?

Select the ellipsis (…) on the top of the Run a flow built with Power Automate for desktop cloud action, and then select Settings.

38. How to initialize a Boolean Variable?

Use Set Variable action and enter %True% or %False% depending on what value you want to initialize.

39. How to initialize a datatable using set variable action instead of create Datatable?

You can create a datatable using the Set variable action and the programming array notation. This notation consists of multiple single-dimension arrays separated by commas and enclosed in curly brackets.


40. If you are required to retrieve a specific item from a datatable what would be the expression required?

To retrieve a specific item of a datatable, use the following notation: %VariableName[RowNumber][ColumnNumber]%

UiPath Interview Questions & Answers

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41. n the UI Element Pane , how an we distinguish between a Web UI Element Or Desktop App UI Element ?

The icons at the beginning of the name of element will show the type of element.

42. How many types of errors can a Desktop Flow generate?

Design-time errors are associated with the configuration of the deployed actions. These errors appear during development and prevent desktop flows from running. For example, an empty mandatory field or an undefined variable can cause this type of error. Run-time errors, also known as exceptions, occur during execution and make desktop flows fail. For example, an invalid file path can cause this kind of error. Use any of the available error-handling options to prevent your desktop flows from failing.

43. What is the information shown in the Error Pane in PA Desktop?

Type: Indicates if the displayed item is an error or warning.
Description: A description of the occurred error or warning.
Subflow: The name of the subflow that contains the erroneous action or the action that causes the warning.
Line: The line number of the erroneous action or the action that causes the warning

44. How to store the latest error occurred in the Flow ?

Use Get Last error action.

45. How many kinds of Loops are available in PA Desktop?

Power Automate provides three different kinds of loops that iterate based on various factors:

Simple loops – Iterate for a set number of times

Loops condition – Iterate as long as a condition is valid

For each loops – Iterate through a list

46. Where can you specify different connections which you might require for you PA Flows?

Go to Power Automate > Data > Connections

47. In PA desktop if you want to Run a SubFlow only for a specific type of error, how would you achieve that?

Go to Advanced >Select the type of exception and Click New Rule and specify the subflow to be run.

48. What are sensitive variables?

If there is a requirement of some variable not to be visible to anyone they can be marked as Sensitive variables. The main benefit of marking a variable as sensitive is that its value would not be visible during debugging nor it would be logged If the Desktp flows are triggered by the Coud portal.

49- A webpage encounters an error and the submit button is not acknowledging the click sent through the flow. How would you fix the issue?

In case the webpage is not accepting the emulated click , you can use the option Send Physical click in the action used.

50. Name some of the best practices for Power Automate?

Some of the best practices to follow for PA

– Provide proper names to variables , UI elements
– Divide the whole flow into logical small subflows
– Remember to focus the required window in case the flow works on multiple windows
– Before using Send Keys remember to focus on the Textfield

UiPath Interview Questions & Answers

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51. What are the components of Power automate cloud flow ?

Trigger: This is an event

Action: Once a trigger occurs, the action will start working.

Conditions: This is the logical set that asks actions to start as per logic.

52. If the Excel App is already running, how to work on that instead of launching a new Excel instance ?

Use Attach to running Excel action.

53. In how many ways can you identify a Window, in case you want to focus on that window?

There are 3 options-

By Window UI element

By Window Instance Handle

By title /class

54. What are pager element in PA?

Pagers are web elements that allow you to navigate between multiple pages.

55. What’s the use of Label?

A label can be used to alter the normal execution of the flow as per requirements of process logic.

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56. Which action will you use if you have to copy paste some text from clipboard to notepad?

Set Clipboard Text

57. What key combination has to Be used while selecting a UI Element ?

CTRL+Left Click

58. How to initialize a Boolean Variable?

Use Set Variable action and enter %True% or %False% depending on what value you want to initialize.

59. If there a requirement for a Desktop App that text has to be entered in upper case, what action would you choose?

Use Set Key state to turn on the caps lock key and then provide input.

60. If a certain text has to be extracted from a bigger text which string action would be required?

Crop Text action

61. What is OCR? What are the different types of OCR engine are available in Power Automate Desktop?

Optical character recognition is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into text format. By default, Windows and Tesseract engine are available freely. But we can integrate other paid OCR engines as well like Abbyy, OmniPage etc.

62. How to Perform Command Prompt (CMD) actions using Power Automate Desktop?

In Power automate desktop we can perform the read write operations with Read from CMD Session and Write to CMD session without opening the command prompt session.

63. What is Process Design Document (PDD) and Solution Design Document (SDD)

PDD – PDD stands for Process Definition Document, which outlines the business process to be developed within RPA. Typically prepared by the end-user and/or business analyst, the document is then used by the developer as the basis from which to design automated solutions. 

SDD – SDD stands for Solution Design Document, the SDD is usually prepared by the developer and helps end-users understand how to implement the automated solution. They are created for every business process that is automated using RPA and contain high-level design reports that describe the ‘to-be’ process.

UiPath Interview Questions & Answers

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64. Is there version control available for Cloud Flows?

No, right now PA Cloud doesn’t support version control

65. If any error appears in the flow, what are the ways you can fix the error?

Ans- You can use following below ways to fix it

-Try reviewing the errors in the pane

-You can use breakpoints to run small portions of the flow

– Run the flow step by step

66. What’s the purpose of using sub-flows in the process?

Subflows provide many benefits. They help to divide the flow into small chunks which helps to better develop, debug and maintain the flow. As per standard best practices the main flow should have high level steps and the all sub flows should be called on the Main page

67. How Many browsers are supported by PA Desktop?

PA Desktop supports these browsers- Internet Explorer, Firefox ,Chrome , Edge

68. Are there any prebuilt AI models available in PA ?

There are multiple prebuilt models available in the PA cloud

  • ID card reader
  • Entity extraction model
  • Classification model
  • Language detection model
  • Finance model
  • Analytical reporting model

69. Can you share some examples of service PA can connect to?

PA Cloud can connect to a lot of services . For ex- Sharepoint , OneDrive , Google Drive , Trello, Twitter, Box  etc

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70. What are some of the wait actions available in PA Desktop?

Wait, Wait for Process, Wait for File , Wait for window content ,Wait for Image , Wait for window , Wait for Mouse , Wait for shortcut key , Wait for CMD session etc

71. What are some of the most common UI elements PA desktop can work on?


Radio buttons


Dropdown List


72. How to autofit columns in an Excel Sheet?

You can use Resize Columns/Rows action in Excel category

73. What are the 3 ways you can Focus on a window?

You can use the Focus window action and use any of the below options –

By Window UI Element, By Window Instance/Handle, BY title and or/class

74. What are the different properties we can extract using Get Details of webpage?

75. If we want to go to a specific URL , which action can we utilize?

We can use Go to Webpage and the option Navigate to URL

UiPath Interview Questions & Answers

76. By how any ways is it possible to attach to a running instance of a browser?

By title, By URL, Use Foreground Window

77. How can we find the length of a variable in PA desktop?

You can use the notation %VariableName.length%

78. If we have to extract multiple entities from a text like email , temperature , Hashtags , Currency ,Percentage etc , which action can we use?

You can use Recognize entities in text action to extract many such values

79. Which loop action is suitable for traversing all rows of a list or Datatable?

A For each loop

80. How do you identify if a line has a breakpoint?

There would be circular symbol infront of the line which denotes it has a breakpoint

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81. What are some of the actions available under the Date Time category?

Add to Datetime, Subtract Dates, Get Current Date and Time

82. If a user wants to run another automation inside another, which action can be used?

Run Desktop Flow

83. Mention some of the languages in which you can write code in PA

Vb Script, Java Script, PowerShell, Python, .Net

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