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EmergenTeck offers you the best Blockchain training courses. The exclusively designed Blockchain training course is designed by Blockchain experts with real time scenarios.

duration : 30 - 40 Hours

Syllabus: As per industry

Skill level : All level

Class : Online

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Why should you join Blockchain Training Course?

Key Highlights

Blockchain Training Course Objective

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join Blockchain Training Course?

There is a great deal of excitement globally surrounding the opportunities that Bitcoin and underlying Blockchain technology offer for financial and non-financial institutions, as well as for individuals such as,

Pre-requisites for Blockchain Training Course?

There is no pre-requisites to learn block chain but participants should be ready with :

  • Having acquaintance with Object Oriented Programming Language.
  • Basic knowledge about any programming language (C, C++, Java, .Net, Python etc..)
  • Basic knowledge of developing frontend and backend application
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Java Script

Become a Blockchain Certified Developer and take a Leap for your Dream Career

Technology has indeed generated innumerable opportunities for career-focused people, and it keeps generating new prospects with the changes taking place around the business world. The need of the hour for you is to march with the latest technological evolution by sharpening your skills, up-skilling yourself for the next generation challenges, and gaining more expertise in your subject. You can be well on the path to nurturing yourself as a professional if you become a certified blockchain developer. This post has a lot of valuable information about how to become a blockchain developer and get an edge in your career with this.

Who is a Blockchain Developer?

You may find yourself surrounded by many types of developers today, so it may be a bit perplexing for you to judge who a blockchain developer is. A blockchain developer is a professional who knows blockchain protocols inside out and can proficiently develop and optimize these protocols. In addition, this professional can immaculately design and develop the blockchain architecture and play a vital role in developing ‘smart contracts’ – the smart stored in the blockchain to ensure that the terms and conditions of a contract are met, and also in developing web apps with the help of blockchain technology.

The blockchain developer course at an institute like Emergenteck can put you on the path to becoming a blockchain developer.

Types of Blockchain Developers

As you just learned, the major expertise of a blockchain developer is to develop the blockchain system’s architecture. Looking at the diversity of this job, we may split the blockchain developers into two types – Core Blockchain Developers and Blockchain Software Developers. The former works on designing the architecture, while the latter generates blockchain applications with the help of this architecture. Now, let’s understand both types at a deeper level. If you become a core blockchain developer, who develops the architecture, you will be incorporating a lot of significant tasks like designing the consensus protocol, working on the methodology of designing the protocols, and taking complex decisions regarding the development of blockchain technology. If you become a blockchain software developer, you will bring more action by utilizing the protocols and architecture developed by the core blockchain developer, and you will create decentralized applications which operate on this technology. So, it shouldn’t be hard for you to realize that both are core competencies of a blockchain developer, and you acquire them when you accomplish this blockchain developer certification.

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Role of blockchain developers

The above very well clarify about the types of blockchain developers. However, it is equally crucial that you know what their roles are. As part of the chief roles of Core Blockchain Developer, designing architecture and ensuring the system’s safety are involved. Some other areas of responsibility are also included in this professional’s role. They are designing the consensus protocols, blockchain protocols, network architecture, and of course, supervising the operations of this whole network. On the other hand, Blockchain Software Developer is responsible for building Dapps, the term used as a short form for decentralized apps. This professional’s role extends to developing smart contracts and interactive front-end designs and supervising many apps operating on the Dapps. All that promises you an exciting career, and all it takes is completing your blockchain developer course.

How Does One Become a Blockchain Developer?

Your excitement to earn a rewarding career and get into a good-paying job must want you to ask this question. Yes, it is a practical query, and here is the answer to it. How will you get there to become a blockchain developer? You become a blockchain developer by training yourself and gaining the necessary skills. You can get these only in the company of expert trainers and a fertile study environment as presented by India’s leading training institute Emergenteck of Pune.

Getting the right mindset to become a Blockchain Developer?

Yes, this question is important, too, because aiming to become a blockchain developer, you will require a specific mindset. The most significant characteristic you will require here is – thinking out of the box, just as ‘hackers’ do. Shocking isn’t that, but that’s true because ‘hackers’ don’t think conventionally and instead think out of the box to accomplish their target. So, get such a mindset before going for the blockchain development course. In addition to this, your collaborating skills and teamwork will also be desirable as you will frequently be interacting with different people from time to time.

Are you new to programming?

It is likely that you are completely naive to programming and have no idea about software development. If so, you may have to put in some extra effort to become a blockchain developer. In the process, you can gather some beforehand information on the need for blockchain in today’s perspective, an understanding of programming languages, knowing blockchain development, and most crucially, take up a good course for your blockchain developer certification in Pune.

What makes our course unique?

There are a lot of different and unique aspects of our course at EmergenTeck. There is a high demand for blockchain professionals today, and this demand is expected to grow even further in the coming years. Technology dependent on blockchain will hold a large share of the GDP of different countries. The course at EmergenTeck has been designed with not only the present but also the future’s point of view. After completing the course in blockchain and getting its certification, you can not only earn a good job but also can start your freelance career. Further, blockchain development has also become one of the top twenty skills, which indicates that you have unlimited opportunities to work and earn as a blockchain developer.

The course for blockchain developer certification at EmergenTeck is all-encompassing. It touches every dimension of the study and enables you to become very professional and proficient. You need to take the initiative, so take it and head on towards EmergenTeck to fulfill your career aspirations. 

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