Microsoft Power Platform Course

Powered by Power Platforms, including Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Copilot, Dataverse, Virtual Agent, Data Connector, AI Builder, Dynamic 365, Power Pages, Model-driven App, Canvas App, SharePoint.

Microsoft Power Platform Training Online Course : Course Overview

The age of digitization calls for upskilling yourself and staying in tune with modern technologies. If you wish to build a career in fields like data science, computer science, process automation, and more, a comprehensive Microsoft Platform training course will keep you ahead of the curve.

Your search for a trusted Microsoft Platform training course ends at EmergenTeck Academy, Pune’s leading RPA, AI, and digital transformation training provider since 2016. We help our trainees excel in fields that matter the most in the digital age.

Our Microsoft Platform training course is designed to equip you with skills that will help you automate processes, analyze data, and build custom applications – all with lowcode!

duration : 50 Hours

Syllabus: As per industry

Skill level : All level

Class : Online Instructor-Led

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Free Online Demo And Q&A How To Get Started With Microsoft Power Platform ?

What Is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is a set of powerful Microsoft applications that help users analyze complex data, automate business processes, create low-code applications, and generate AI bots. Learning this domain will help you harness the power of data and make the most of modern technologies to build robust applications for your clients (or your own business).

The most important components of Microsoft Power Platform include:

  • Microsoft Power BI (for seamless business analytics)
  • Microsoft Power Apps (for low-code app development)
  • Microsoft Power Automate (for process automation)
  • Microsoft Virtual Agents (for creating smart virtual bots)
  • SharePoint (for document management and collaboration)

What Will You Learn In Our Power Platform Training Course?

Our Microsoft Power Platform training course will help you upskill with the low-code tools offered by Power Platform, including Power Apps, Power BI, Copilot Power Automate, Dataverse, Virtual Agent, Data Connector, AI Builder, Dynamic 365, Power Pages, Model-driven App, Canvas App, SharePoint, and more with latest updates.

Have a look at a few important things you will learn through our training course:

  • Utilizing a datastore to implement seamless app functionality
  • Creating a workflow with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Implying AI Builder as per specific requirements
  • Designing, testing, and deploying new applications capable of working with various data sources
  • Understanding the functionality and applications of the core Microsoft Platform components

Who Should learn Microsoft Power Platform Training?

Our Microsoft Power Platform training course is open for anyone who wants to upskill and build a career in the modern IT domain. Our training will best work for you if you are:

  • An entrepreneur looking for solutions to automate your tasks
  • IT professional willing to extend your skillset and build low-code apps
  • Analyst and/or data enthusiast in search of powerful data visualization and analytics tools
  • Beginner or college graduate
  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • App developer
  • System administrator
  • Solution Architect
  • Process owner
  • Technical consultant
  • Anyone interested in a career in digital transformation

Why Should You Join Our Microsoft Power Platform Training Course?

Comprehensive Training

Our training covers all the core components of Microsoft Power Platform, making you efficient in building and using various tools.

Industry Experts

Our training course is spearheaded by industry experts who bring years of professional experience to the table.

Practical Training

EmergenTeck does not rely solely on theoretical training. We give you enough practical training to make you proficient.

Seamless Communication

Our trainers are highly approachable and you can reach them anytime, anywhere. We will also create a WhatsApp group for quick communication.

Recorded Sessions

You will have access to recorded sessions to revise the concepts you learn and apply them practically.

Key Features Of Our Microsoft Power Platform Training Course

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our Microsoft Power Platform training course will give you the opportunity to work on projects that give you real-time experience and industry knowledge. We will also help you understand certification options and the way to clear them.
Here are the key features of our training program:

  • 50 hours of instructor-led online training
  • Industry experts as trainers
  • Expert Power Platform tools with 100% hands-on experience
  • 10+ Projects and Assignments
  • Global Microsoft Certification assistance
  • Certificate of completion from EmergenTeck
  • A dedicated WhatsApp group for quick communication
  • Session recordings for self-paced learning
  • Quiz/pdfs/Interview Q&A/Mock Interviews for holistic learning

Infrastructure Requirements

Our course requires you to have your own device (preferably a laptop) with admin privileges. Ensure that your system has a minimum of 8GB RAM, a dual-core processor, and a Windows 10 or above operating system.

Prerequisites For Learning Microsoft Power Platform

There are no prerequisites for learning Microsoft Power Platform at Emergenteck. All you need is your own device on which the required Power Platform application can be installed.

Exams And Certification

As you complete our Microsoft Platform training program, we will give you a certificate of completion from EmergenTeck. You will receive personalized assistance for obtaining global certificates that further prove your expertise in the domain.

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Power Platform Training – Syllabus

Power Apps: Getting Started with Power Apps
  • Introduction to Power apps  
  • Exploring Power Apps Studio
  • Canvas Vs Model Driven app
  • Creating from for SharePoint list
  • Creating app using power apps using data
  • Creating Power Apps Template
  • Creating Blank Power App
  • Editing Power apps or sharepoint form
  • Saving and Publishing Apps
Modifying SP List form
  • Modifying SP List form in Power apps
  • Modifying form object
  • Reordering fields
  • Hiding fields
  • Adding Label
  • Adding Media
  • Changing background fill or image
  • Setting default value
  • Using App Checker
Power Apps Formulas
  • Unlocking Alter Properties
  • Inheritance and Reference in Properties
  • Using Data function
  • Using Text function
  • Using Table function
  • Using Lookup function
  • Using If function
  • Creating variable (Local, Global & Collection)
  • Using Filter function
  • Security in Power apps
  • Gallery vs Table
Working With Power Apps
  • App name and Icon
  • Screen size and Orientation
  • Advance settings
  • Working with Screens
  • Working with different data source
  • Filtering data source in power apps
  • Navigation between screens
  • Reapting Rows
  • Cascaded drop down
  • Cmobox
  • Move Apps From one env to other
  • Form controls
  • Search in power apps
Distributing Power Apps
  • Sharing power apps
  • Embedding power apps on a SharePoint and Teams
  • Embedding power apps on other web pages
  • Exporting and importing a package
  • Solution Introduction
  • Solution Import Export
Model Driven app
  • Introduction to Model-driven apps in details
  • Dtataverse core concept
  • Power apps with dataverse
  • Dataverse tables and forms
  • Dataverse views
  • Dataverse Choice and Lookup
  • Model Driven apps design
  • Security management in Model driven app
  • Business flow
Power Portal
  • Introduction to Power Portal
  • Editing of power portal using Visual Studio
  • Editing Power Portal using Power apps studio
  • Canvas app integration in Power Portal
  • Power BI integration in Power Portal
Power Automate: Getting Started
  • Introduction to power automate
  • Typical flow scenario
  • How to create first flow
  • Microsoft flow license
  • Exploring Power automate studio
Understanding Flow Triggers
  • Different ways of flow triggers
  • Flow functions
  • Schdule flow
  • Automated flow
  • Manually trigger flow
  • Calling flow form Power apps
Understanding flow actions
  • Actions in flow
  • Adding list item in data source
  • Deleting data from data source
  • Update data in data source
  • Querying data from data source
  • Call web api in flow
Working with Variable
  • Working with Flow variable
  • Data conversion using expression
  • Understanding array in flow
Flow Actions
  • What are flow actions
  • Working with condition
  • Applying For Each
  • Switch controls
  • Working with Branch, Scope & Terminate
Working with Files
  • Monitorning files in SP library
  • Copying & moving files inside SP online
  • Converting files in PDF
  • Premium Actions
  • Report Creation using flow
  • Connecting flow with dataverse
Power Automate Desktop
  • Introduction to power desktop
  • Exploring Power automate desktop tool
Power BI: Getting Started
  • Whats Is Power Bi
  • Installing power BI Desktop
  • Connecting Power BI desktop with data source
  • Creating first Visual
  • Comparing Excel with Power BI
Data Prerparation in Power BI Power Querry
  • Understanding data preparation /cleaning/cleansing
  • Connecting Power BI desktop with data source
  • Filtering Data
  • Analysing columns and removing blank fields
  • Understanding and using append
  • chossing and removing columns
  • Replacing values
  • Understanding data formats
  • Handling data format error
  • Fixing Sorting issue
Creating Visuals
  • Basics Visual
  • Creating & Duplicating pages
  • Organising visuals
  • Creating new visual
  • creating line and bar chart
  • How to apply page level and visual level filters
  • Formating chart colours
  • Formating page background/wallpaper
  • Formatting filter pane and filter cards
  • Formatting General visual settings
  • working with report themes
  • Understanding slicer
Power BI Pro and Mobile Sharing
  • Power BI Pro requirements
  • Power BI services interface tour
  • Publishing and my workspace
  • Publishing and importing power bi desktop Projects to Pro
  • Datasets walthrough
  • Exploring Reports in Pro
  • Understanding dashboards
  • Creating reports and dashboard
  • Understanding refresh and refresh error
  • Configuring manual and schedule refresh
  • Sharing links
Share Point: Getting Started with SharePoint
  • Overview of SharePoint and its features
  • Understanding SharePoint sites, pages, lists, and libraries
  • Understanding SharePoint permissions and security
Creating and Managing SharePoint Sites
  • Creating a new site
  • Customizing site settings
  • Managing site navigation
  • Creating and managing site content
Creating and Managing SharePoint Lists
  • Creating and managing lists
  • Customizing list settings
  • Managing list views and filters
  • Using workflows with lists
Creating and Managing SharePoint Libraries
  • Creating and managing libraries
  • Customizing library settings
  • Managing document versions
  • Using metadata and content types with libraries
SharePoint Administration
  • Managing SharePoint users and groups
  • Configuring SharePoint security settings
  • Configuring SharePoint site and farm settings
SharePoint Development
  • Introduction to SharePoint development
  • Using SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to develop SharePoint solutions
  • Using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate with SharePoint.
SharePoint Permission
  • Creating and managing libraries


  • Touch Base with SPFx
  • Whats is SPF
  • Whats is web part, Extension & Create Custom Webpart to display List Data



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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no prerequisites to learn Microsoft Power Platform. You can join our course as a complete beginner, too. However, having some background in data science and basic app development/data analytics knowledge will make things easier for you.

No, coding is not necessary to learn Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft itself claims the platform to be low-code/no-code.

No, the Microsoft Power platform is not difficult to learn. It is ideal for people with all technical comfort levels. Moreover, our trainers at Emergenteck will ensure that you learn the platform and its components without facing any issues.

With Emergenteck, you will learn Microsoft Power Platform in 50 hours. This time duration is enough to learn the platform well and receive practical experience in the same.

Yes, having a Microsoft Power Platform certification gives you an official stamp of approval for your skills and knowledge. It increases your chances of getting a job and can get you a promotion if you are already a working professional. At EmergenTeck, we will help you choose the right global Microsoft Power Platform certification based on your skills and expertise.

The salary of Microsoft Power app developers in India ranges from ₹3.20 lacs to ₹10.50 lacs per annum, making the average salary ₹6.10 lacs per annum. With more experience, expertise, and certifications, you can earn a fortune as a Microsoft Power Apps developer.

EmergenTeck is Pune’s most trusted consulting and training academy in the fields of RPA, AI, and digital transformation. We are home to some of the most qualified industry experts who train our candidates to perfection. With pre-recorded sessions and hands-on experience, we ensure that you end our course with impeccable knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the age of digitization.


Here’s What Our Learners Have To Say

We are grateful for the learners who teamed up with us and got trained in some of the most sought-after skills and technologies worldwide
Ajay Sharma
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The EmergenTeck Power Platform workshop was an informative and hands-on learning experience. The instructors provided a comprehensive overview of the Power Platform ecosystem, covering key components like Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Through interactive demos and guided exercises, we had the opportunity to build practical solutions and get a feel for the platform's capabilities.
Priyanka Varkhade
Read More
I recently completed Microsoft Power Automate course and I must say, it was an incredibly enriching experience. The course was well-structured, covering all the essential aspects of RPA, from the basics to advanced techniques. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, which made learning both engaging and enjoyable.
Hema Vasudevan
Read More
Excellent training by the trainer from EmergenTeck. They have very good knowledge about the tools and its integration. If we practice all the scenarios whatever is taught then we are good to go. I suggest everyone to join the classes without any doubt.
Shashikant Bansode
Read More
I have completed the Power Automate Desktop course from Emergent Technology. It was a really good experience, and I got to learn the concepts in detail. I am currently applying all my learnings in my work. I would recommend this course to others who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Power Automate Desktop.

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