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Blue Prism Accredited Developers Exam (AD1) – Question & Answers on Real Time Scenario Basis

General Instructions-

Study well the PDFs mentioned in the syllabus. PDFs available on portal. (https://portal.blueprism.com/learning/guides) (Source Blue Prism portal)

      • Foundation Training Course
      • Exception Handling Guide
      • Work Queues Guide
      • Developer Best Practice
      • Lifecycle Orientation
      • Object Layer Design
      • Guide to Send Keys and Send Key Events
      • BluePrism Certification Guide – Environment and Session Variables
      • 60 question in 60 Minutes (1 minute per question)
      • One question appears at a time and No backward button.
      • Few Questions (theoretical) are straight forward which will take just few seconds. So remaining time can be used for other bigger questions.
      • Most of the questions are decision based flow charts which would need some time.
      • If the process is very big read options first to understand which part of the process does the question focus upon then focus upon that part of the process. For ex: In some questions you needn’t understand the entire process. All you need to understand is the exception part. By just focusing on the exception part you can save your time.
      • There will be questions related to violation of best practices. While reading the best practices just think of the way in which they can be violated.
      • Try to attempt all the 60 questions. Practice as many processes as possible. Take process diagram developed by you or your friend and list down its pitfalls, violation of best practices, and output without running the process etc.
      • Study process templates provided on Blue Prism portal.

Blue Prism AD 1 Certification – Question Types- (on the basis of real time scenario)

(1) Pay attention to stage symbols and the stages that are:

Unique to Process studio or Object Studio
Common to Process studio or Object Studio (may give 3 unique to object studio and one common stage as in below example)
Process – Alert
Object – Read,Write,Code, Navigate,Wait

(2) Questions on Filters and Tags

There is business, retail and custom types of customers, what tag filter would you use in Get Next item to get only business and retail customers.
(-custom)/ (+business; +retail)
Few Multiple Options questions like can we use Wildcards for search etc. in a work queue filter section (3-4 question from this below section under Queues)(yes)

(3) Debugging/Steps (2-3qns)

There was a section from Main Process which was using a page reference and questions were like if use Step out / Step over at particular stage, what would happen?

(4) Object Studio- Application Modeler (4-5qns)

Attributes selection especially Window Text related. Like it was spied and worked fine one day but again next day it failed or failed when ran in Control room? Answers for these kind of questions were mostly related to use of wildcards (*) or ticking and un-ticking match columns with few attributes.

(5) Object Studio – Navigate Stage (2-3)

(6) Decision Stage – String Functions (4-5qns)

(7) Most of the questions had below string functions used in the multiple decision stages and we need to choose the correct output from the options given

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(8) Practice Date Functions thoroughly. DateAdd(), DateDiff() etc. Go to Blue Prism Help and search for those functions. They have explained well with examples.

(9) Exception Handling with Flowcharts Flows given and was asked to select the correct output option?
Multiple recover stages- needs to select which would catch the exception or will the process be terminated etc.
Most of the questions had multiple stages and needs to figure which is the correct path etc.

(10) One question was related to Exclusive run mode related from Object- initialize page.

(11) What’s wrong in the given process diagram?

A process diagram will be given – It may contain infinite loop or possibility of an exception in the recovery mode or some other issue. We need to identify the problem.

(12) Which path is taken by the process (A or B or C or exception)

The decision boxes may contain: (1) String functions (2) Date functions etc

(13) Session Variables, Environment variables, IsStopRequested() function (2-3 qus)

(14) A process works well in development and test environment but fails in production env. What is the reason? Check all that apply
Change in env variables

Application different in prod env:

(15) Can we have recover stage without resume stage? (Experiment and see)No

(16) Can we have resume stage without recover stage? (Experiment and see)No

(17) Can we throw an exception in the main page? Is it a good practice? Yes

(18) What is the best way to safeguard customer data in queues? Check all that apply
Not putting customer data in queues at all
Encrypting customer data

(19) Be thorough on the shapes of read and write stages. They may give the shape of read stage and do write operation and then ask what’s wrong with the diagram?

(20) A process will be given where there will be multiple wait stages. Some of them will be redundant. You will be asked to find out which ones are not necessary. Tip: Use wait stage after navigate stages or any stage that causes the screen to update.

(21) Is it advisable to use wait stage before every read stage? (Think)yes

(22) Is it advisable to use wait stage before every write stage? (Think)not needed

(23) Is it advisable to use wait stage after every read stage? (Think)no

(24) Is it advisable to use wait stage after every write stage? (Think)not needed

(25) Is stage logging available only for stages in process? Is it also available for stages in objects?
Both in process and object

(26) You will be given a very well structured process diagram with page references, data items etc… You will be asked to find the problem in the process. – For such questions after close observation you will find out that the process is developed for happy path and exceptions are not handled at all. Expect such questions where best practices are violated.

(27) A question on correct use of retries.There will be retry loop but the retry count is not incremented in such cases the process will end up in infinite loop. Watch out for such cases.

(28) A question on correct use of retries. There will be retry loop and retry count is also incremented but a step to navigate back to initial stage of application or restart of application before each retry will be missing. So watch out for such issues.

(29) You will be given a loop and will be asked to find out the number of times the loop runs. Watch out whether the counter is starting from 0 or 1.

(30) While running a process, what happens if you change the environment variable? Can you change in the first place?
No. (It will reflect after you reset the current values.)

(31) What are the different ways of modifying environment variables? (From Control room? From System manager? Using Internal – Environment object?) – Explore and check
Only from system manager

(32) How do you bring a screen to focus? – Activate application or Click Mouse – Explore and check
Focus – Highlights the specific element

(33) Practice global send keys thoroughly
Activate application – Activates that particular window