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“Chang is the law of Universe” the same thing replicates in our Life and Technologies. In the current era, Robotic Process Automation/RPA is in emerging change. It’s time to deal with Robo-Human or E-worker.

The threat of automation taking away jobs is the real world. It could finish certain jobs or force companies to rationalize workforce. There is a great potential with RPA and it will grow at the 35 % CAGR by 2020. The way top-tier companies such as Google and Aviva embrace change. This implies 75% of the business processes will be automated in the near future and many developers would probably transition to automation developers to keep up with the evolving technology. The Jobs Disruption Survey of nearly 11,000 employees by ET Online has found that a large number of employees see automation taking away their jobs even though the trend is more visible in the information technology sector (IT) at this stage(Survey Pics attached-Data-image-Refer-Economics Times /3 June 2017, Sample data- 11282)

Organizations who participated in the study feel that technology is becoming the mainstay to their thinking and execution that it occupies a majority of their priorities on strategic focus and financial investment, with 63% saying that technology will be their firm’s greatest source of competitive advantage in 5 years.

How can RPA Skill bring a major change in career graph?

  • Understanding skills in the true business case for RPA.
  • Future of the technology leads and is heading what the future holds
  • Skills in how these Robotic Process Automation can be utilized across the Organization
  • Understanding skills in RPA which could be utilized across the Organizations to boost growth
  • Reskill/Upskill in cost efficiencies of ROI and various RPA solutions
  • To be a strong presence in the change of Automation Technologies & AI.

As we all know that automation has disrupted the market and claiming thousands of jobs that is really repetitive, manual and rule-based, at the same time automation has arrived with ample opportunity for the people having the right skill set. The bottom line is that choice is ours – disrupt yourself or die.

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