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There is a serious shortage of Data Scientists and this is a major concern for Top MNCs around the world. All this means the major corporations are ready to pay top dollar salaries for professionals with the right Data Science skills. This Data Science Course equips with all the latest technologies in Big Data, analytics, and R programming. Thus you can easily take your career to the next level after completion of this Data Science course in Pune.
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Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century

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Global Big Data market to reach $122B in revenue by 2025,

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Data scientist draws a handsome average salary of $123,000

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The Global Data Science Market is expected to reach $128.21 bn by 2022

EmergenTeck – Kausal Vikash Data Science training Pune is an integrated program in Data Science and Machine Learning exclusively designed for professionals pursuing a career in Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Statistics, and Analytics. Our customized Data Science, Data Analyst and Machine Learning training Courses in Pune are designed by Senior Data Scientists who has vast experience in the industry.

This master program will help you achieve proficiency in data analysis, machine learning algorithms, Decision trees, Regression Model, K-Means Clustering, deploying R Statistical computing, connecting R with Hadoop framework, work on real-world projects and case studies. These skills will help you prepare for the role of the Data Scientist.

Data Science is a combination of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps in collecting all the information available across the globe whereas Business Intelligence helps in analysing the required information for the company’s future goals and production.

Data Science is a term which is used for the process of studying the information with the use of tools and algorithms to formulate required information. Data science helps in creating storage space for the information collected so that it can be recalled whenever required. It is commonly used by companies who are into the technological industry.

In the recent era, data science has been playing a great role in multiple industries. Since the volume and variety of data are high, complex information can also be decoded into required information with Data Science. There are situations where data science helps in making all the strategic decisions in the company, also helps in increasing the operation, production and profits of the company.

Marketing Campaigns and customer service is also depended upon data science as it helps in understanding what keeps the customers engaged with a particular product for a long time, which also helps the company to be the market leader. Kausal Vikash is offering best Data Science course in Pune  as it comes in helpful for all industries in the current world.

EmergenTeck – Kausal Vikash  is the best data science training institute in Pune . The Data Science training will have,

• Introduction to Data Science in real world, Project Life cycle, and Data Acquisition

• Understand Machine Learning Algorithms

• Study the tools and techniques of Experimentation, Evaluation and Project Deployment

• Learn the concept of Prediction and Analysis Segmentation through Clustering

• Learn the basics of Big Data and ways to integrate R with Hadoop

• Get trained about the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist

• Explore steps to install IMPALA

• Live Projects on Data science, analytics and Recommender Systems

• Work on data mining, data structures, data manipulation.

There are no particular prerequisites for Data Science training. However, the knowledge of the following will make it a lot easier for anyone looking to take the data science course: 

  • Mathematics
  • Knowledge of Java / .Net/ any other relevant programming skills
  • Business domain knowledge
  • Any exposure to Business Intelligence in the form of developer or analysts, consulting etc
The Data Science training program in Pune is best suited for –

  • Students who want to learn and master the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.
  • Developers with statistics background wanting to learn Machine Learning (ML) Techniques
  • Infomation Architects looking to learn Predictive Analytics,Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Big Data Specialists, Business Analysts and Business Intelligence professionals
  • Statisticians looking to improve their Big Data statistics skills
  • Those looking to take up the roles of Data Scientist and Machine Learning Expert

DBAs are responsible for the upkeep of the databases that store all that data. Salaries depend on the person’s level of experience and the complexity of the system being maintained.

A data analyst is a quant-focused professional and generally has a BS or MS degree. Entry-level analysts can expect to make $50k and up, while senior level analysts can reach six figures.

A data scientist is an experienced, expert-level professional (there’s no such thing as an entry-level data scientist) and are paid accordingly. Some of the variants in pay come from the topics and applications in which the person is well versed.

When a person rises to the level of manager, pay is often based on the number of people directly reporting to that manager. Low end would be 1–3 subordinates, while the high end would be 10 or more employees.

What is Data Science

• Data Science Process

• Statistical Concepts & Application

• Analytic Techniques using R

• Analytic Techniques using Python

• Machine Learning

• Simple Linear Regression

• Decision Trees

• Time Series

• Power BI

• Natural Language Processing(NLP)

• Deep Learning

What is Data Science?
Data Science is the art of breaking large amount or chunks of complex data and extracting out the meaningful information from it. Data Science combines different fields of work which includes tools and methods from mathematics,statistics and machine learning.

How can our course help you in becoming a great Data Scientist?
Kausalvikash is amongst the best training institute in Pune,Mumbai and Delhi.Our Data Science course is specially designed by experienced and industry expert Data Scientist in Pune and Mumbai to provide you the best learning resources and facilities which will help you in becoming a great Data Scientist

How much do Data Scientists Earn?
Data Science is the sexiest job of 21 century and talking about the opportunities in this field they are just endless according to Glassdoor, the current U.S. average salary for a data scientist is $118,709,

Why EmergenTeck – Kausal Vikash Data Science Course?
EmergenTeck- Kausal Vikash is the no. 1 training institute in Pune for Cognitive RPA, AI and Data Scientist. It’s founder Madan Upadhyay helping individuals transforming career towards emergent technologies to stay relevant and competitive.

EmergenTeck- Kausal Vikash  Best data science online and classroom training has its own development center based in Pune heavily focused on RPA, AI and Data Science, hence either will consume our trained students or help these students to get placed in the industry.

EmergenTeck- Kausal Vikash Data Science trainers are?
• Trainers are certified Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience and they are currently working with Top leading MNCs. • Vast amount of different domain project, end to end delivery experience • Trainers will use real projects and real data of real time projects during training sessions. • Consulting and pre-sales experienced

What is the difference between data scientist and big data developers?
Data scientists work on data analysis they extract the useful data from bulk and big data developers design programs that makes analysis possible.

Will i get Data Science projects in the course?
Yes real lives projects will be given by our trainers to you to enrich your skills and also to make you better understand the concepts taught in class.

How can i request for more information?
You can shoot an email to us at – info@kausalvikash.in or contact us at +91-735-007-0755

Nayan Meher – Google Review

Kausal Vikash is one of the best  Data Science & Machine Learning training in Pune.  best course curriculum based on real time data and scenarios The faculty members and other institute members are very helpful. We have learn Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Statistics and Analytics with various algorithm. I recommend Kausal Vikash for  best Data Science & Machine learning Training  in Pune.   

Shubham Pawar – Google Review

It’s best Data Science training place. They have best Machine Learning trainers and environment. you can easily take your career to next level after doing this course.

Rutul Hatwar – Google Review

Kaushal Vikash Data science training provides big data , analytics in R programming . You can easily take your Career to the next level after completion of this data science project.  

Mandar Kumbhare – Google Review

Best data science training in Pune I would like to recommend to all the aspire candidates who wish to move their career into Data analytics / data science.  

Utkarsh Madan – Google Review

Thank you kausal vikash for providing me extraordinary knowledge regarding data science, machine learning in Pune. Real time hands-on learning with data science vin real world, project life cycle and data acquisition and understand machine learning algorithms.  

Atul Dabholkar – Google Review

Best Data Science, Machine learning and Data Analytics with hands on project and lots of assignment. highly recommended foe best data science classroom training in Pune with placement assistance.

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